A free hands-on coding lab for girls.

Join a 10 week coding lab hosted by a successful tech company in London to provide female students with skills, career advice, and insight into life as a programmer.

  • Starts in September 2019

    10 weeks, 2 hours per week

  • Led by female developers

    For girls of all abilities

  • Free of charge

    Supported by SamKnows

  • Central London location

    SamKnows office right by Globe Theatre

Think of a programmer.
Who do you see?

Do you see Ada Lovelace writing the first programs for the predecessor of the modern computer? Do you picture Grace Hopper programming one of the first compilers, translating algorithms into machine code? Does Radia Perlman come to mind creating one of the Internet’s founding components? Maybe you are thinking of Margaret Hamilton who wrote the on-board software for the Apollo 11 mission.

You are probably not seeing any of these: We don’t know their faces, their names or their work. With books, movies and cover pages full of founders of tech companies it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our idea of a computer scientist has been shaped in a homogenous way.

Stereotypes make us perform worse in tests, lead us to question our intelligence, and impact our career choices.

Yet, there are enough ground-breaking female engineers in computer science to prove that the field can be a profession for everyone. So don’t let stereotypes stop you.

Dare to step into a field that lets you fulfil your creative, innovative and disruptive potential. Dare to develop voice recognition software that could be used to create smart appliances, dare to develop imaging software that could help identify early-stage tumours, dare to develop Virtual Reality games that will entertain millions.

Dare to become the next Margaret Hamilton.

Course curriculum

What you will learn


  • Introduction

    Learn the basics of computer programming

  • Mobile development

    Create your own Instagram

  • Gaming

    Build your own Candy Crush

  • Ethical Hacking

    Learn about security vulnerabilities

  • Website development

    Build your own YouTube

Personal development

  • Personal website

    Set up a website to showcase your work

  • CV writing

    How to write an impressive CV

  • Cover letter

    How to stand out with your cover letter

  • One-on-One mentoring

    Get professional and personal advice from female staff of the company

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Meet the team

Samira and friends

We sat down with our tennis-loving, German speaking, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia-mad Android developer, Samira, to ask her all about her job, why she loves working in tech, and why she wants more women to choose programming as a career. Samira recently set up Project Margaret Hamilton to teach young women how to code.

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Meet the Project Team

Meet the Margaret Hamilton project team: We are a dedicated bunch of frontend, mobile and backend developers, copy writers, product designers, account managers, lawyers and embedded communications engineers who want to use their skills to make a change in the industry.

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